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about us

Originally from Champaign, Illinois, I was the oldest of 5 kids, with amazing parents that did there best to provide a safe loving environment to grow and be creative. My dad was the local "go to" sign painter that everybody depended on to do the job with a flair that got your attention.

He owned and operated Kite Signs for many years. Being his kid I of course worked at the shop sweeping the floors and coating out sign panels. Eventually he let me pick up a brush and I started learning the craft. It was a long road, but with his help I eventually got the hang of it. Hearing about the local Gold Wing rally is how the motorcycle thing began. And now I've been slingin' paint all over the country for over 40 years. I was lucky enough to meet the love of my life, Gina some 30 years ago, and after tricking her into marrying me ( I was much thinner and had a little more hair) we've been together ever since. With 3 kids and 5 grand kids life is good. We make our home in Jacksonville, Florida now but you can still find us doing our thing at over 20 some bike rallies from Daytona to Sturgis and lots of places in between.


Dan & Gina Kite

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